the Foundational
Guide to gen z collaboration

Successful youth brands understand that consumer audiences control whether products or services go to market successfully and stay relevant. This guide serves as a reference to help you connect with the values of Gen Z and better understand how to align with them. Think of it as an appetizer for youth-relevant collaboration.

The guide includes four case studies, in each of them we’ve defined the client’s challenge, our solution, the results, and provide a useful Gen Z collaboration checklist to help your team.

Download and learn:

  • Why co-creation is important for brands looking to connect with Gen Z
  • Four inspiring case studies from brands who utilize co-creation
  • Three core Gen Z values that are central to any youth marketing or research initiative
  • Co-creative approaches that successful brands are using to collaborate with Gen Z
  • A Gen Z collaboration checklist for marketing and innovation projects
  • Eight useful takeaways any team targeting Gen Z can put into action today