influencING gen z

How to develop influence marketing strategies that deliver media value based on content integrity, quality interactions and image recognition.



The power of influence is undeniable. Who’s telling your story? Bring your brand to life through influencers and content creators that inspire and motivate Gen Z audiences.

Influential people provide unique content, highly sought-after exposure, and help brands earn the attention and wallet share of youth culture. This webinar delves into the key aspects of developing an influence marketing strategy, to include: research to support influence marketing, business use cases, five key roles of influencers and creators, talent classifications by archetypes, genres and tier, defining criteria for brand alignment, and tactical management considerations. Most importantly we’ll share an effective formula to track and evaluate performance based on engagement and actual earned media -- not assumptive impressions.

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What You'll Learn:

1. Why influence is integral to any youth culture marketing strategy

2. How to effectively leverage influence marketing for your brand and category

3. By hearing insightful youth market examples and recent case studies

4. New developments in content image recognition analysis and how they impact media valuation

5. Actionable steps to start defining or refining your brand’ influence marketing strategy

6. How to track, measure and evaluate influencer posts to determine real media value



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Youth Market Strategist | EVP Youth Marketing



President | Millennial Ad Network

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